after my bikini competition
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One year mark

This post contains affiliate links to the products I recommend. If you decide to take on this program with me please consult your doctor prior to make sure you can!

after my bikini competition

What a year difference makes! One of my besties at work competed for the same bikini competition I did last year. It made me think of how much things have changed from 2017. It also got me thinking about the extra pounds I have now since after my bikini competition.


after my bikini competition


I was the smallest I had been since high school last year and now I’m as big as I was when I started. I do have a lot more muscle than I ever did before prep so that is part of it. I also don’t have as much fat as I did before at the same weight and I have a consistent diet that has worked for a while with carb cycling.

But being around those girls after my bikini competition and thinking about how nice it would be to be more lean again has me wanting to make some changes workout and diet wise to prep for my upcoming vaca in July! So I have decided to do it and post what I do with links to the products I use in the process.

after my bikini competition

The first step is mapping out my diet. You need to count your macros and find a number that works for you. For me its 110 carbs 47 fat and 168 protein. I already meal prepped my lunches (separate post to come on that) so i inputted those into Myfitnesspal to go from there. Need to calculate your macros? Go here.

There is one cheat meal a week for me. Only drinks are coffee, tea and of course water! The goal is 1 gallon of water a day. If you are not to that point take it in steps. Start with 60oz and steadily increase throughout a week to get to the gallon.  I did not want to make multiple meat meals a day for while I am at work due to time constraints so i am having protein shakes, rice cakes, cottage cheese, peanut butter, almonds, almond butter, oatmeal and egg whites this week. It will more than likely change next week. I will also be taking numerous vitamins and supplements but will be going over those in a separate post.

There is also no added sugar in this diet! You can use a little honey sparingly and stevia only. You can use dry seasonings, salt, and pepper in your meal prep but no sauces unless its waldenfarms or pete’s hot sauce. Waldenfarms has an AMAZING pancake syrup and caramel sauce that i used during prep and plan to still use in this diet.

after my bikini competition

For my workouts I am doing 2 per day 5-6 days a week depending on how my body reacts. I am doing fasted cardio for 20 minutes and an ab circuit for 10 mins in the mornings. I am then doing strength training after work (more details on making a workout program to come). Today i will be working quads and a little bit of shoulders. This would work for most people to see results but results vary.

I struggle in the shoulders area so i am making that a focus for each workout. You can do the same with your weakspot. Abs need a little something daily to make them pop!

For workouts I am doing something different as compared to my show prep. I will be doing all of my workouts from home. Working out in a gym is fun to socialize in but with my son and schedule it just doesn’t work for me. Not to mention my son loves to join me with my workouts!

For my home gym here is the equipment I have and that you will need in order to do the workouts I post:

yoga mat

yoga towel

resistance bands

2 lb dumbbells

5 lb dumbbells

barbell with plates (it sounds worse than it is i promise! It is optional.)

You can also check out my more in-depth post here on Must Haves for an At Home Gym.

I have been doing home workouts for a while now and have played around with them to group them how i need them. You can list out all of your favorite exercises and do the same. You can also do any of the exercises in a gym with heavier equipment if you like.

This is a lot to take in but I am excited to start! I will post my daily workouts for anyone who wants to take this on. I plan on doing some YouTube workouts as well! Any takers dare to join me? We can prep for July 4th together!


after my bikini competition


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