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10 Must Haves for an at Home Gym

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After I had my son I remember looking at myself and thinking I really needed to try to do something. So, as soon as I was released, I jumped on the working out wagon! At that point I never really seriously worked out before. I got a gym membership and started going in the early mornings so that I could get a workout in before the day got started. I noticed some results but it was exhausting! I got up, got dressed, drove to the gym, worked out for like 20-30 minutes, came back, got ready, got my son ready. THEN took him to daycare and then off to work for me! All that time added up to over an hour and a half most mornings! I knew something had to give so I started looking into an at home gym.


There are a lot of options to building an at home gym. One of my best friends went all out and bought actual equipment to include a squat rack and bench! For me, I don’t have that kind of money to spend so I opted for some cheaper options. I have tried out many options over time and these have worked really well for me and for my son (he likes to join me to workout now :)). You really do not need much thanks to technology!

Here are the must haves for your working out at home gym!


  1. 2 lb dumbbells
  2. 5 lb dumbbells
  3. resistance bands
  4. yoga mat
  5. yoga ball
  6. Golds Gym Workout Bar with Weights
  7. kettlebell weight
  8. scale
  9. your phone or tablet


Pretty simple huh? This is exactly what I have now and I still am maintaining a great weight even with a few splurges during the week! No worries though, if you don’t want the workout bar with plates it’s optional! I still wake up earlier than my son to work out but I don’t drive to the gym. I don’t even go to the gym anymore. I only workout from home now. With the help of workout videos and workout routines I like using the equipment I have I am able to workout without all the hassle and sleep in! (Have to love that!)


In regards to your phone or tablet, if you are new to working out, I suggest finding some easy workouts on pinterests (I have a bunch of workouts pin’d on my Pinterest Board Fitness) or exercising to a few videos like in my previous post 15 nap approved mom workouts. There are also many other options on youtube.


One of my personal favorites lately is Tone It Up! These girls have free and paid options. I always do their free workouts. They also offer a daily moves workout to make sure you are hitting each muscle group each week. Right now they are doing a Bikini Challenge so be sure to check them out!


Do you have a home gym? Do you have any equipment that should be added as a must have? Where are you in your mommy fitness journey? Let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!




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  • Melinda

    ? Why 2 and 5 lbs? My lightest is maybe 8 and i go up to 35lbs. Don’t be afraid to lift heavier. Build muscle, it burns more fat.

    • Lauren

      I did when I was on prep for sure! But my muscle has changed very little from switching really. It was just what I had from before the show and my joints don’t hurt so much from pushing it too hard. Each person is different, so its up to you how much you want to lift!

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