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10 Best Full Body Exercises

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Some days I wake up and don’t want to focus on just one body part. If it’s the day after a rest day and I really want to get a good start to my workout week I will start with a routine of full body exercises and cardio. There are so many options when it comes to exercising, why not work as many muscle groups as possible all at once? I love doing these full body exercises to really feel the burn and maximize my time!

You will need the items I go over in 10 Must Haves for an At Home Gym for these full body exercises. (Link in the title) You can stay at the same weight, start with a higher weight and go lower each round or you can start with your lowest weight and go heavier each round. Need an app to time your workout? Seconds is the app I use to time my sets just right.

best full body exercises

10 Best Full Body Exercises

  1. Planks
    • There are so many variations of planks. The best plank in my opinion is the superman plank where you life the opposite arm and leg and switch. Do 15 each side.
  2. Kettle-bell Swings
    • I should really call these dumbbell swings since I use a dumbbell. But you squat in a just larger than shoulder stance and as you move up you swing the kettle-bell or dumbbell. Do 15 for 3 rounds.
  3. Burpees
    • Burpees are really good to burn calories and get your heart rate up. Start by standing then get into plank stance. Come back to standing and jump. Then do it all over again! Do 15 for 3 rounds.
  4. Squats
    • Squats don’t only help your booty and legs, but also your back and shoulders. If you hold the Gold’s Gym bar or dumbbells in front of you you use your arms as well and have better posture. Do 15 for 3 rounds.
  5. Deadlifts
    • Deadlifts are like squats where it helps not only your booty! You can work your hamstrings up through your back doing deadlifts. Maintaining a good form and keeping your dumbbells or Gold’s Gym bar close to your legs the whole time keeping your weight in your heels; you pull the bar up squeezing in your booty and back down.
  6. Jump Lunges
    • Jump lunges are another great way to boost the calorie burn. Start in a regular standing lunge and then jump to switch to the other side. Do 15 for 3 rounds. Add dumbbells to get some strength training in too!
  7. Handstands
    • I do these along the wall as I am still working on getting enough strength in my core to hold myself up! Start in a downward dog position and slowly jump off into a handstand whether against the wall or not. Hold for 30 seconds for 3 rounds.
  8. Arnold press with squat hold
    • The mix of these 2 exercises work both your upper and lower body all at once. Arnold presses are where you put your dumbbells in front of you with your wrists side by side. Then you rotate the dumbbells to over your head facing the opposite direction. While doing your presses get into a wide stance squat formation holding your heels off the ground. Do 15 for 3 rounds.
  9. Bent row with leg lift
    • Starting with your dumbbells or Gold’s Gym bar (depending on what weight you want to use) start in a bent row stance and lift one leg up as you do 15, then switch to the other side and do 15 more, repeat for 3 rounds.
  10. Warrior stance
    • If you are not familiar with yoga you probably do not know what a warrior stance is. Start in a lunge stance with your back leg straight. Put your arms straight out on both sides as you move forward focusing on your fingers on the bent knee side’s arm. Then lift the straightened leg as you move your other arm to meet your bent knee arm. Hold for 45 seconds each side for 3 rounds.

Doing a mix of these exercises once a week gets me a full body workout and cardio session in around 30 minutes if I do all of these exercises. Be prepared to feel the burn! For more workouts make sure to check out my 15 Nap Time Approved Mom Workouts! Do you do any other fully body exercises? Let me know below!

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