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Which diet is best? Keto or carb cycling?

I get asked a lot about which diet is best to lose weight. Mainly regarding keto or carb cycling. It really depends on you though! Here is why…

Keto or Carb Cycling?

What is keto?

Keto is a low carb diet and strives to put your body into a fat burning stage called ketosis. This is an easy diet for people that love dairy but there are many forms of keto to include clean keto and dirty keto as well. There are many groups on facebook regarding Keto but my favorite is Keto Connection. Be sure to check them out if you want to learn more regarding Keto! Everyone is helpful and friendly!

Clean keto: eating clean low processed foods with low carbs. Mainly meat and veggies. Strive for organic foods and no dairy. Dairy free items include almond milk!

Dirty keto: eating anything low carb to include sugar free processed foods. You can still eat dairy with this one.


What is carb cycling?

Carb cycling is further explained in my previous post on carb cycling here where I lost 6 lbs on my first week back on it. But it has low carb/keto days mixed in with a few moderate and high carb days. There is a clean way to do it and a dirty way which works the same as with the keto diet.


Which one is best?

The answer really depends on you. Here are two questions to help you find out which one works best for you.

  1. Do you have any allergies or health conditions that would require for you to have an ample amount of carbs?
    1. My blood sugar tends to go low when I have too many low carb days.
    2. Have more weight to lose? Make sure to balance out your low carb and higher carb days. You can even have 2 low carb with one high carb type rotations.
  2. Do you exercise? If you do more than 3 days a week I suggest doing the carb cycling diet.
    1. You can try doing it like I do. Leg days/more strenuous days are mod/high carb days while arm/shoulder/back days are low carb days.

As for me, I like carb cycling better than keto and my body likes it too. I have clean and dirty days and I get to have carbs! Which one do you prefer? Keto or Carb Cycling?



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